Stand for a Board Position

The NZSCA Board

It’s that time of year again. If you think you have something to offer, or would like to help make a difference in the New Zealand Specialty Coffee industry, then we’d love you to stand for a Board position.

Being on the Board can be very rewarding, and you’ll be meeting with people that share our vision to advance the Specialty Coffee industry in New Zealand, engaging with all stakeholders, providing professional development opportunities and increasing public awareness.

We’re looking for individuals who are interested in building and taking our diverse community of coffee to the next level.

The association board drives new initiatives, ideas and overviews all of our activities as an association: social events, competition calendar, growing the membership base, developing communication and the education/professional development program.

All board positions are volunteer roles and time commitments will vary depending on time of year, board members will be expected to attend bi-monthly online meetings (these will be scheduled by the Communication and Administration Co- ordinator at times that are mutually agreed on). We endeavour to set the meetings for the year in advance following the AGM.

Board members may be asked to attend in person meetings throughout the year, the cost of internal travel is offset by the association. Travel allowance is capped at an adequate amount but we ask that you book well in advance.

Board members will be expected to attend events in their regions and help facilitate running the events as well as liaising with members and ensuring that we are creating a strong and inviting community. They will also be responsible for reporting from various portfolios.


The NZSCA is governed by a Board which comprises a President, Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, Allied member representative and three other members. An Immediate Past President shall serve for one year after his or her term of office.

Board positions shall chair the following portfolios:

Membership: The Membership Committee is responsible for managing the election process. This may include identifying and actively soliciting candidates for Board and Committee positions. The Nominating committee is also responsible for the recognition nomination process.

Finance: The Finance committee is responsible for sound and prudent management of the financial affairs of the Association including the keeping of proper financial records; the control and investment of funds, regular financial reporting to the Board; preparation of the annual financial statements for presentation at the Annual General Meeting; managing the independent review of the Associations financial statements; and bringing improper or inappropriate financial behavior to the attention of the Board.

Championship Events and Sponsorship: The Championship Events and Sponsorship Committee is responsible for developing and managing the Championship event program; evaluating event opportunities; working closely with the Association’s event manager/s; overseeing sponsorship relations including communications and proposals, event identity design briefs and guidelines; where relevant liaising with international governance bodies and international guests.

Community, Sustainability and Small Events: The Community, sustainability and small events committee is responsible for developing and managing small nationwide events focused on bringing our diverse community together. This includes sustainable practices throughout.

Professional Development: The Professional Development Committee is responsible for managing the delivery of education, training and development. This includes creating closer ties with other hospitality associations and government provider.

From the constitution:
(a) The Board of the Association shall consist of up to ten (10) members, plus

the Immediate Past President and includes four (4) officers. The officers of the Association are the President, Vice President, 2nd Vice President and Treasurer. The Immediate Past President shall serve on the Board for one year following his or her term of office. One (1) member of the Board shall be a representative of Allied members. This member shall be elected by Allied members to serve on the Board. The representative for Allied members need not be an Allied member but must be a member of the Association.

(b)Board members and officers shall be elected by ballot of the voting membership.

(c) Tenure: The President, Vice President, 2nd Vice President and Treasurer shall be elected to serve terms of one (1) year and at the end of that year, being eligible, may offer themselves for re-election. Board members, who are not officers, shall be elected to serve terms of two (2) years and at the end of that term, being eligible, may offer themselves for re-election. The Allied member Board representative shall be elected to serve terms of one (1) year and at the end of that year, being eligible, may offer themselves for re-election.

(d) Nominations for President shall only be accepted from members who have served for at least one (1) year on the Board. For the purposes of this paragraph a “year” shall be the period between annual elections.

(e) Any vacancies on the Board, occurring between annual elections, may be filled by appointment made by the Board. The Board may decide not to fill such a vacancy where there is less than four (4) months to the next Annual Meeting. In the event a President is unable to fulfill his or her term of office, the Board shall appoint a member to that vacancy. Any member appointed by the Board to fill such a vacancy shall continue to serve for the remainder of the term of the person whose vacancy he or she is filling.

(f) The Board may co-opt a member onto the Board where the Board considers that member has knowledge and/or skills that are beneficial to the Association.

(g) A Board or committee member may be removed from office by any of the following means

(i) his or her resignation;

(ii) his or her absence from three (3) consecutive meetings without leave of absence or due and accepted apology;

(iii) by a three quarter (3/4) majority vote of the Board should they consider that such a member is not carrying out his or her duties or acting in the best interests of the Association.

(h) An employee of or a contractor to the Association is not eligible to stand for the Board as an officer or member notwithstanding the fact they may be a member of the Association.


(a) The Board shall meet at least every 6 months.

(b) The Board shall regulate its own procedures as to notice, time and place of meeting.

(c) The 2nd Vice President shall call a Special meeting of the Board if requested to do so by the written requisition of not less than four (4) members of the Board. Special meetings of the Board shall be held with at least five working days’ notice.

(d) A quorum of the Board shall consist of five (5) board members.

(e) The Board is the governing body of the Association. The Board has authority and is responsible for the supervision, control and direction of the Association. The Board may delegate the management of the affairs of the Association to any person or group, including a committee, provided the Board shall retain the responsibility for the actions of such person or group and further provided that the Board shall in all cases be responsible for the ultimate direction of the Association.

(f) The President of the Association acts as Chairman of the Board and the Vice President acts in place of the President when the President is not available.


(a) Officers and Board members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association which shall be held within four months of the end of the financial year.

(b) Nominations for the Board will be open to all members. Nominations shall be submitted to the Chair of the Nominating Committee in writing by the deadline specified by the Committee.

(c) Nothing shall prevent a member from being nominated, or nominating themselves, right up to the point of election.

(d) The election shall be conducted by written ballot and decided by the vote of the majority of members present at the Annual General Meeting and by the votes submitted by proxy.


Nomination process to join the Board:

We welcome any member who is keen to make a positive contribution. Ensure you are familiar with the information on who we are and how we operate. Please read our Confidentially, Conflict of Interest and Collective Responsibility Policy document for further information on what’s required of you. Feel free to reach out to any members on the board if you need further information.

We would love to hear about you! If you are keen to put yourself forward please provide a photo of yourself along with:




Tell us why you would like to stand, what would you like to contribute to the association:

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM. You’ll be called upon to do a short 2- minute presentation on who you are and why you’d like to sit to the attendees.

As per the Constitution, our members will vote on who they would like to represent them. If you are not voted onto the Board in this instance, there will be other opportunities for you to contribute e.g. sub-committees and/or events or consulting on specialist subject matters.

Regardless of the outcome, we thank you for your time and your willingness to give back to our amazing coffee community.


NZ Specialty Coffee Association

Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest and Collective Responsibility Policy

The NZ Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA) anticipates that members of the Board, and its Committees (Leadership) will devote time and energy to NZSCA activities. It is expected that the Leadership will act in the best interests of the NZSCA at all times and will conduct themselves in a manner which reflects well on the NZSCA.

Members of the Leadership have a duty to the NZSCA to keep confidential the business, financial, and other information relating to the NZSCA, and to deal with others fairly and not out of favouritism or for personal advantage. These are very serious obligations, which if breached, can cause great harm and damage to the NZSCA, its members and others.

The NZSCA takes these obligations seriously and requires members of the Leadership to sign this form prior to attending meetings and working on Board or Committee matters. The members of the Leadership agree not to use their position with NZSCA expressly or by inference or implication, to their personal advantage or benefit, or to the advantage or benefit of anyone else, contrary to the interests of NZSCA.


It is the NZSCA policy that all matters of NZSCA business brought to the attention of members of the Leadership are confidential. In particular, Leadership members agree to keep confidential all sensitive information relating to NZSCA, or to any members or participants, and to abide by any policies and procedures adopted with respect to use of such information. Members of Leadership also must recognize that laws may apply and agree to comply with such laws. Members of the Leadership agree not to disclose or discuss any confidential matters of NZSCA with anyone not in the Leadership, unless authorised by the NZSCA Board.

Conflict of interest

The NZSCA requires the Leadership to follow our Conflict-of-Interest process. NZSCA Leadership members are required to disclose all potential conflicts of interest in writing (email is adequate) to the Board. Although disclosure is required, the activity may not preclude the Leadership member from participation. The disclosure and documentation provide protection for both parties in the event conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest are raised.

In some cases, Leadership members may be asked to recuse themselves from specific participation if an actual conflict is deemed by the Board to warrant recusal. In rare cases, Leadership member may be asked to resign from a position or activity if a conflict of interest so warrants, as determined by the Board.

Collective responsibility

The NZSCA requires the Leadership to follow our Collective Responsibility policy. While we understand that each individual might not privately agree with each decision reached by the Leadership, it is important that members of the Leadership respect that such a decision has been made. It is expected that members of the Leadership support such decisions publicly when called upon to do so.

If a member of the Leadership has any questions concerning whether a specific issue comes under any of these policies, he or she should discuss the matter immediately with the Board, disclosing all concerns of potential conflict or reputation to the organization.

I understand and agree to the NZSCA Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest and Collective Responsibility Policy.

Printed Name ______________________________

Position/name of Board/Committee: __________________________________

Signature _________________________________ Date ___________________________________

Please sign, scan and email this form back to Emma Jean McDougall the Communication and Administration Coordinator for NZSCA  Disclose (list) any potential conflicts of interest along with the submission.