Promote my Event

Hey NZSCA, will you promote my event?

Yes! If you are a Member company/Guild member. We are very willing to promote events and be seen as the go-to point for information about events happening in the NZ coffee community, and beyond. We are more than happy to feature your event through our website and through social media. But, there are some events that we will not promote. Guidelines for this are as follows. Ultimately, promotion of events is at the discretion of the NZSCA.

We will promote your event…

if it is not focussed on promoting your company’s core business product or service (with the exception of SCAA Education courses, the only education platform endorsed by the NZSCA)

if it is part of your company’s core business but your event is free and socially/community focussed and open to anyone.

but we will not include any sponsorship names associated with the event

We will not promote your event

if it is part of your company’s core business, and tickets are charged for

if it conflicts with an NZSCA, NZ Roaster Guild or NZ Barista Guild event

What do we need from you?

Send the following to

Event Name:

Short summary of your event:


Time: Start and Finish


Cost: Is your event free? If not, send a web-link to buy tickets

Host’s name:

Contact number:

Web-link address: (if applicable)

Image: No image = boring old plain text, so send us something. It must be 300×300