New Zealand Specialty Coffee Guild

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Guild Mission

The Guild mission is to build a tight and inclusive community of highly engaged, enthusiastic and skilful coffee professionals in New Zealand.

About the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Guild

Formed in 2012, The New Zealand Barista/Roaster Guild (NZBG & NZRG) were two separate guilds of the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA). The NZBG & NZRG were the national representative body for baristas and roasters within the specialty coffee industry in New Zealand. In 2016 the guilds were joined together to form the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Guild representing all professionals in our industry.


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The purpose of the Guild is:

1. Create a solid platform to communicate and engage with the New Zealand coffee community

2. To be the primary voice for the coffee community in New Zealand

3. To build community by running events that are relevant to the membership

4. To encourage and facilitate communication between members

5. To recognize and celebrate excellence in the specialty coffee profession

Membership criteria

Membership is open to all individuals who fulfill the following criteria:

1. Desire to develop skills as a professional coffee enthusiast

2. Have a passion for the New Zealand coffee industry and all that entails

3. Pay the annual dues

Annual Membership Dues

Individuals $25.00

Please note that the main membership period is aligned with the Association financial year which runs from 1 April to 31 March. Fees are reviewed annually.

Membership Benefits

Voting rights: Each member has one vote. Voting includes the election of the committee at the Guild AGM.

Committee representation: Each member is entitled to stand for election to the Committee of the Guild.

Logo use: All members may use the NZSCG logo on specified collateral (see logo use guidelines document)

Website presence: All members shall have their membership recognized on the Guild webpage with their name published

E-newsletter: All members shall receive the e-newsletters.

Event invitations & participation: Invitations to member-only events such as the Guilds AGM and other networking events

Discounted booking rates for events such as Professional Development courses and social events

The NZSCA, with help from the Guild, runs a number of industry events such as the New Zealand Barista Championship, New Zealand Latte Art Championship, and New Zealand Cup Tasters Championship.

Common forum

All membership events and activities are an excellent forum for members to network and interact with other baristas, coffee roasters, coffee company representatives and people involved in the industry from within New Zealand and abroad.

Professional Development

The Guild, alongside the NZSCA, runs a program of internationally recognized professional development courses that cover these disciplines – coffee preparation, coffee grading and evaluation, coffee roasting and processing.

Industry Voice

The Guild provides a focused voice for the community within the NZSCA Board and wider specialty coffee industry in New Zealand. The NZSCA facilitates communication of industry issues to the public and media when pertinent and relevant.

Recognition of Contribution & Excellence

The Guild and the NZSCA recognize excellence in the coffee industry via Championship events (Barista, Cup Tasters, Latte Art), the Recognition Awards and the NZSCA member sponsorship fund.


The Guild is governed by a committee which includes a collection of passionate coffee professionals from around the country who are working together towards a common goal – to make even better coffee!

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Meet the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Guild Committee


Guild Members

Stella Zhou
Andrew Feldon
Andrew Phillips
Justin Baek
Ria Lingad
David Green
Kerry Murray
Adam Kyn-Lily
Sarah Lindley
Tony Castro
Daz Hansen
PJ Daniel
Tia Guyton
Jean Carlos Ramirez
Mike Wicks
Craig McAllister
Anton Blik
Keegan Fulford-Wierzbicki
Janet Liu
Nico Refiti
Sheldon Pritchard
Ella Waterhouse
Paul Newbold
Amy Nunn
Stephanie Nobel
Emily Zielinski
Jordan Hales
Christy Oakenful
Michael Stevens
Agata Zielinski
Jason Nairn
Jonno Robinson
Takahito Koyanagi
Leanne Hackett
Isaac Seyb
Gregg Thompson
Cameron Hoogervorst
Simon Fowler
Kat Kellock
Kirsty Fowler
James McKenzie
Chris Monk
Jamie Fowler
Andy Hislop
Sammy-Rae Neville
Louis Litchfield Harrison
Lucas Allen
Scott Pepler
Rina Reeves
Averil Cooper
Rob Hulse
Andrew Lane
Jessi Sinclair
Josh Forward
Sarah Kennard
Jade Chia
Danielle Crann
Ryan Mitchell
Odie Ruegg
Hannah Cho
Fu Chung
Joe Prisk
Chris Unkovich
Sam McTavish
Deborah Romano
Stacey Illot
Martyn Baker
Christine McKnight
Phillippa Bibby
Brayden Green
John Cole
Seung Hoon (Hoony) Chae
Sarah Stephen
Clare Kearney
Annette Morine
Rachel Withington
Sally Quantock
Tim Udy
Josh Olsen
Masako Yamamoto
Pat Brennan
Brooke Chichester
Toni Izzard-Price
Reuben Stephens
Caron Orr
Lisa Santambrogio
Zane Subritzky
Emily Powell
Sam Baker
Chris Starkey
James Hennessy
Darren Turner
Sarah Wilkinson
Phill Kearney
Will Konnatt
Tom Handiside
Arianna Pozzan
Mike Tan
Alex Casserly
Carl Sara
Dave Tobeck
Leandro Lim
Richard Beauchamp
Natalie Guest
Jason Kim
Daniel Edwards
Riley Brightwell
Lars Bringzen
Jack Armstrong
Mark Villella
Matthew Galbreath
Zac Couper
Alexandra Kyne
Erin McGarvey
Joseph Wishnowsky
Johnny Leung
Tania Kitto
Emma Markland Webster
Nicky Scoltock
Clinton Agar
Vincent Efendy
Johanna Moss
Paul Moore
Kylee Lewis
Hayden Wood
Corian Youdale
David Kerry
Victoria Kerry
Charlie Self
Chris White
Bobo Zhao
Michelle Berkers
Courtney Brown
Matt Hing
Ben Boyle
Farren Doyle
Kevin Batten
Estelle So-Thorburn
Llanghui (jack) Hu
Jonathan Leung
Vini Bolzani
James Holani
Stuart Hargie
Raya Sharples
Jesse Newman
Zachary Widener
Naomi Widener
Mel Hocking
William Holmes
Jonathan Norton
Amy Cunningham
Anna McGregor
Krisse McGregor
Harley McGregor
Michael Rockell
Heesun Lee
Bjorn Waling
Rachel Miles
Brittany Kippax
Josie Evans
Ryan Huthnance
Matt Sinclair
Jesse Hutt
Ian Riach
Grant Clendon
Terri Clendon
Sean Clendon
Sandra Clendon
John Helle-Nielsen
Eddie Lo
Michelle Stairmand
Philip Dowling
René Macaulay
Kaspars Vecelis
Lauren Tennent
Inna Kim
Ben Neason
Robbie Whyte
Jamie Binding
Tanisha Cadwallander
Ben Blackman
Ken Shi
Hayden Prujean
Betsy Prujean
Aaron Tipping
Aaron Wyatt
Kelly Brennan
Ray-Charles Smading
Sarah Corner
Drew Duff-Dobson
Jette Ladiges
Josie Evans
Tasha Dimitrof
Vivian Anais
Taylor Shea
Mathew Denny
Jun Hao Lim
David Kerry
Victoria Kerry
Taylor Nixon
John Sung
Hana Hong
Nozomi Ishii
Cameron Owen
Tom Canny
Mike Kolff
Alex Handiside
Olivia Walsh
Emma Hennah
Dan Hennah
Dudley-Ann Hill
Murray Hill
Tahir Ali
Casey Cameron
Nick Clark
Alan Bruce
Nic Rapp
Jake Pears-Scown
Elliot Francis
Eric Sugandi