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About the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Guild

Formed in 2012, The New Zealand Barista/Roaster Guild (NZBG & NZRG) was a guild of the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA). The NZBG & NZRG were the national representative body for baristas and roasters within the specialty coffee industry in New Zealand. In 2016 the guilds were joined together to form the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Guild.

Guild Mission

The Guild mission is to build a tight & inclusive community of highly engaged, enthusiastic and skillful professional baristas and roasters in New Zealand.


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The purpose of the Guild is:
1. To launch the Guild and give it a solid platform to communicate and engage with its target market
2. To be the primary voice for the professional coffee community in New Zealand
3. To develop the coffee professionals knowledge of specialty coffee & coffee preparation
4. To build community by running events & courses that are relevant to the membership
5. To encourage & facilitate communication between members
6. To recognize and celebrate excellence in the roaster/barista profession

Membership criteria

Membership is open to all individuals who fulfill the following criteria:

The Guilds mission is to build a community of coffee professionals who are constantly building upon their understanding of specialty coffee.

1. Desire to develop skills as a professional roaster/ barista
2. Have a passion for specialty coffee and the roasting craft or have a passion for specialty coffee and the barista craft.
3. Pay the annual dues

Annual Membership Dues

• Individuals $25.00
Please note that the main membership period is aligned with the Association financial year which runs from 1 April to 31 March. Fees are reviewed annually.

Membership Benefits

• Voting rights
Each member has one vote. Voting includes the election of the committee at the Guild AGM.

• Committee representation
Each member is entitled to stand for election to the Committee of the Guild.

• Logo use
All members may use the NZSCG logo on specified collateral (see logo use guidelines document)

• Website presence
All members shall have their membership recognized on the Guild webpage with their name published

• E-newsletter
All members shall receive the e-newsletters.

• Event invitations & participation
Invitations to member-only events such as the Guilds AGM and other networking events
Preferential bookings for industry events such as the NZSCA Symposium
Discounted booking rates for events such as Professional Development courses and social events
The Guild, alongside the NZSCA, runs of a number of industry events such as the Coffee Symposium, New Zealand Barista Championship, New Zealand Latte Art Championship and New Zealand Cup Tasters Championship, New Zealand Brewers Cup

• Common forum
All membership events and activities are an excellent forum for members to network and interact with other baristas, coffee roasters, coffee company representatives and people involved in the industry from within New Zealand and abroad.

• Professional Development
The Guild, alongside the NZSCA, runs a program of internationally recognized professional development courses that covers three disciplines – coffee preparation, coffee grading and evaluation, coffee roasting and processing.

• Industry Voice
The Guild provides a focused voice for the roasting community within the NZSCA Board and wider specialty coffee industry in New Zealand. The NZSCA facilitates communication of industry issues to the public and media were pertinent and relevant.

• Recognition of contribution & excellence
The Guild and the NZSCA recognise excellence in the coffee industry via Championship events (Barista, Cup Tasters, Latte Art, Brewers Cup), the Recognition Awards and the NZSCA member sponsorship fund.


The Guild is governed by a committee which includes a collection of passionate professional Baristas/Roasters from around the country who are working together towards a common goal – to make ever better coffee!


Meet the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Guild Committee