Who’s up to compete in 2021? The Champion will represent NZ in 2022.

Event Date: 27th November, 2021

2021 will mark the 20th year in New Zealand of the Barista Championship. The first event that led to the World Championship was established by the team at Robert Harris in 2001, with the final held at the Culinary Fair in Auckland. Many things have changed since then, the coffee, the craft of the barista, and technology have all changed. The focus, passion, and professionalism drive us every year to constantly strive for improvement.

Who will be the winner in 2021? Well its offical now its Luise Metelka, Flight Coffee, Wellington!

Photo credit: ATPhoto Andrew Turner

Who was up to compete: Saturdays running order & performance start times. 

1. 10:30am Logan Collinge, Mojo Coffee, Wellington

2. 10:49am Frank Hsu, Frank’s, Wellington

3. 11:08am Yui Park, Ugly Coffee, Auckland*

4. 11:27am Bonnie Lam, The Coffee Shack, Wanaka

5. 11:46am Woohyung Lee, Camper Coffee, Auckland*

6. 12:05pm Erin L’Huillier-Millar, Arrosta Coffee, Palmerston North*

7. 1:15pm Bill Zheng, Woozoo Group, Auckland

8. 1:34pm Hanna Teramoto, Woozoo Group, Auckland

9. 1:53pm Jae Ho Shin, Tob Coffee, Auckland*

10. 2:12pm Callum Pritchard, Arrosta Coffee, Palmerston North*

11. 2:31pm Matt Ross, Mt Zion, Tauranga

12. 2:50pm Luise Metelka, Flight Coffee, Wellington

Previous Champions and their World Rankings…

2021 Who will it be?…. it’s Luise Metelka, Flight Coffee, Wellington!

2020 N/A

2019 Dove Chen, world ranking 12, Boston USA

2018 John Gordon, world ranking 6, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017 Dove Chen, world ranking 56, Seoul, South Korea

2016 Sam Low, world ranking 23, Dublin, Ireland

2015 Addison Dale, world ranking 19, Seattle, USA

2014 Hiroko Hanna Teramoto, world ranking 17, Rimini, Italy

2013 Nick Clark, world ranking 5, Melbourne, Australia

2012 Aymon McQuade, world ranking 14, Vienna, Austria

2011 Hide Kono, world ranking 14, Bogota, Colombia 

2010 Luciano Marcolino, world ranking 19, London, England

2009 Carl Sara, world ranking 8, Atlanta, USA

2008 Luciano Marcolino, world ranking 7, Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 Carl Sara, world ranking 3, Tokyo, Japan

2006 Luciano Marcolino, world ranking 7, Berne, Switzerland

2005 Carl Sara, world ranking 4, Seattle, USA

2004 Carl Sara, world ranking 6, Trieste, Italy

2003 Ben Simcox, world ranking 8, Boston, USA

2002 Emma Markland Webster, world ranking 5, Oslo, Norway