Board Candidates 2022/2023

Event Date: 20th May, 2022

We welcome any NZSCA member who is keen to make a positive contribution to the running of our association. To ensure you are familiar with the information on who we are and how we operate.

Feel free to reach out to any members of the board if you need further information.

Governance The NZSCA is governed by a Board that comprises a President, Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, Allied member representative, and at least three other members. An Immediate Past President shall serve for one year after his or her term of office. See the Board here>

Interested in joining the board, please read our Confidentially, Conflict of Interest, and Collective Responsibility Policy document for further information on what’s required of you. More on what is all about here>


We would love to hear from you! If you are keen to put yourself forward please fill in this form now>

Tell us why you would like to stand, and what would you like to contribute to the association:

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM. You’ll be called upon to do a short 2-minute presentation on who you are and why you’d like to sit, to the attendees. We will send out and publish all nominations and bio’s on our website for those unable to attend so they may be part of the voting process. For those wishing to stand but unable to attend, this information is vital to share with our members so you can be represented at the AGM.

As per the Constitution, our members will vote on who they would like to represent them. If you are not voted onto the Board in this instance, there will be other opportunities for you to contribute e.g. sub-committees and/or events or consulting on specialist subject matters.

Regardless of the outcome, we thank you for your time and your willingness to give back to our amazing coffee community.

Connor Nestor

New Ground Coffee

Chief Innovation Officer

New Ground provides post-extraction ready-to-drink beverages and formats for specialty roasters. Our purpose is centered on taking roasters into the new world of specialty coffee. My focus is innovation. Innovation of product & formats, supply chain, packaging, customer experience, distribution, and communication of these products to existing and new audiences. I would add value to the board to challenge traditional ideas of the industry and provide a different perspective of how the specialty coffee industry can make a meaningful impact in NZ & globally.

Shane York

Vertical Logistics

Business Development Manager

Having been involved with the NZ Specialty Coffee Association for a number of years through doing courier and freight work for a number of its members and coffee roasters outside the organization, I have a very good understanding of how Allied members play their part in the business and can help the organization grow with our support. Through meeting David Burton a number of years ago, my interest in the coffee industry has grown from having as he would put it “drank coffee milkshakes for many years” to a broad understanding.

I feel I would be a great allied board member to have in the organization.

Paul Baker

Vivace Espresso

General Manager

I believe the association is (should be) about guidance, information and mentoring for the complete hospitality industry, as coffee is predominately the major financial contributor to the success of the individual cafe/ restaurant trade.

The NZSCA represents coffee roasters and associated contributors to the end users coffee experience, meaning as an organisation we need to be the go to experts for all concerned to seek advice for the future success and direction of the hospitality industry. We need to communicate and educate the general public more, demonstrate that as an individual coffee companies we bind together for the greater good of the NZ coffee roasted bean.

My experience with running/owning cafes, restaurants, bars coupled with over 20 years experience within the wholesale coffee roasting business, will bring a wide and honest view to add value to the association and its members. My focus on the wider aspects of the success of the roasted bean, will reflect the risks and rewards of the cafe investor beyond the barista, more to do with the total success NZ coffee can bring to the industry.

I also believe we need to nurture the next generation of roasters within NZ, to ensure a strong industry. Something I feel needs attention also, I am willing to give help and thoughts to.

In summary, what would I like to contribute is an honest and sometimes different view with the goal to achieve a stronger and more focused direction for the future of NZ Coffee.

Scott Pepler


Operations Manager NZ

Hello to all my fellow NZSCA members, I am Scott Pepler, and I want to express my interest in being part of the NZSCA board for 2022/2023.

I have been in the industry since 1993 and started as a process technologist for an Instant coffee facility. Since then, I have had experience in all forms of coffee, from scale to specialty.

I have been part of the association from the start. In the past, I have been a head judge for NZ Barista Champs and a five-time WBC sensory judge. I continue to learn and evolve & It’s time for me to give back to the industry that has given a lot to me. I have experience in management positions, including Coffee operations R&D and logistics.

I feel I will bring a genuine desire for Roaster member collaboration. We are in the most challenging times for our industry, and I think there is a lot we can share with our current challenges.

If selected, I would like to build stronger relationships with you all and work with the board to continue evolving to promote and grow our coffee industry.

Steph Noble

General Manager

I have been an active member of the NZSCA for a number of years through my work with Ozone Coffee Roasters. I have enjoyed supporting industry events and the opportunity being a part of the NZSCA has provided, to connect with the coffee community outside our own team and businesses.

I have worked in hospitality for 20 years (10 of those within the specialty coffee industry) across a number of roles from business owner, barista/FOH to wholesale training, roasting and now operational. I believe this experience gives me a clear perspective of the realities facing our industry, and particularly after the challenges of the past 3 years I would love to take a proactive step to work alongside the board to help identify what action needs to be taken to ensure we are supporting our association members in a way that continues to add value.