2018 Recognition Awards

Event Date: 21st January, 2019

Four outstanding members of the New Zealand coffee industry were recognised at an awards ceremony at the Association AGM on Friday 25 May 2018. Association President Jessica Godfrey presented with Christopher Short, David Green, Geoff Marsland, and David Burton with NZSCA Recognition Awards. 

Geoff Marsland: On-Going Contribution Award

The first recipient it has to be said is possibly the most colourful. (We know that’s a big call in this industry).

Colourful in all ways. His interaction with the press, his business and his general self. There is only one!

For shining a light on the Wellington coffee Industry for 30 years helping to inspire many along the way.

David Burton: On-Going Contribution Award

Silver deserves this award because he has helped shape the New Zealand coffee landscape with multiple high profile companies that have become household names. He cares about the industry in New Zealand as a whole and wants the industry to prosper rather than individual companies. His love for coffee has never died and never will. His passion to keep sharing his experience with the youth shows. David is the person that started my coffee career and made coffee a passion rather than a job. He is very open to all aspects of the coffee industry especially as the “new wave” of coffee culture develops. There are too many things to list but everyone that is in this industry somehow has heard the name David Burton and will all agree that he is a passionate face in the coffee community.

David has been a part of the coffee industry for a lifetime, he’s often seen MCing at events. He has a world of knowledge that he’s always will to share. David is a kind humble person who I believe would be honoured to be recognized.

David Green: Development Award

David is often found at coffee events helping before they start and staying when they’re finished. He has a lot of knowledge and he tirelessly spends time passing this knowledge down to the future coffee generation.  He has spent many years representing New Zealand on the world judging stage as part of Team New Zealand. The work he has implemented on helping to establish and extend the Education portfolio alongside Emma Markland Webster will have positive ramifications on the future generations of the industry in years to come.

Chris Short of Cafetto: Friend of the Association

Chris and Cafetto have been key players in helping New Zealand’s baristas achieve results by representing New Zealand on a global stage through some very formative periods.

Cafetto has supported the New Zealand coffee scene often in ways unseen by many but greatly appreciated by those who have had the assistance. Cafetto has helped sponsor and support many events at a National and International Level often with little more than a “We need help” request. From helping with travel and prizes to equipment and facilities, from new events to the most established Cafetto has always provided support.

We have learned that the advances we make with the professionalism and development of speciality coffee in New Zealand happen only with the support of the industry. Thank you, Chris and Cafetto for the important contributions you have made and continue to commit to the amazing coffee we have in New Zealand.

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