Latte Art Championship volunteer positions

Emcee – Master of Ceremonies (2+) Time Keeper (1-2) Station Maintenance (1) Scorekeeper (2) Social Media (1) Photographer (1) Music Desk (1) Camera person (1+) Head Volunteer (1) Stage Manager (1) Head Barista (1) Calibration Barista (1-2)

General Rules for All Volunteers:

Volunteers are an important element to barista competitions. It is critical that volunteers adhere to these basic rules to avoid any conflicts during a competition:

– Volunteers should only be in the backstage or competition areas when scheduled to work.

– Volunteers are not allowed to touch or move any competitor’s belongings without permission from the competitor or from the coordinator/head volunteer.

– Volunteers cannot interfere with proceedings, modify equipment or distract competitors at any time during the competition.

– Volunteers must commit to being present for the entire time they are scheduled to work. No volunteer can leave or stop tasks without a replacement person to cover their position.

– If a volunteer assists a competitor outside of the positions listed below, the competitor may be disqualified.

– Volunteers should always find a coordinator/head volunteer for any issues or questions.

– Volunteers are required to follow the venue health and safety policies at all times.

Emcee – Master of Ceremonies:

This position is responsible for announcing during the event. The emcee introduces each competitor in the competition. The goal of the emcee is to keep the audience informed about what is happening at the competition. Further detailed roles responsibilities are available.

Time Keeper:

It will be the responsibility of this position to time each competitor’s presentation time period with a stopwatch. This includes the prep time on stage. Stand in the competition area near the competitor, for the entire presentation time.

It will be the responsibility of this position to time each competitor’s 5 minute preparation and competition time period with a stopwatch.

– Stay on the competition station and stay near their competition benches for the entire stage time.

– Instruct the competitor to let you know when they would like to begin.

– Start your stopwatch

– 3 minutes remaining

– 1 minute remaining

– 30 seconds remaining

–  SAY “Time’s up” step away from the station

Start competition time:

Dependant on the round different overall times are in place

The emcee will ask the competitor when they are ready to begin. Be aware of waiting to see that all judges are present and in place on stage and the head judge has signalled that they are good to go. The moment to start the stopwatch is when the competitor replies “yes” or starts to touch anything in their competition area. Or raises their hand and says time.

Start your stopwatch (counting up from 0) right on cue! The stopwatch should not be stopped before the end of the competition unless instructed by the coordinator or head judge.

Give cues to the competitors at the following intervals. You will announce these times, unless the competitor gives you their own time warnings to read, written down. You must never say times up during competition time.

– 5 minutes remaining

– 3 minutes remaining

– 1 minute remaining

– 30 seconds remaining

– DO NOT SAY “Time’s up”

The competitor may ask for specific time warnings, ultimately it is their responsibility to track the time.

– Pay careful attention to the competition to be ready to stop the time when the competitor has completed their presentation.

– The competition time should stop when the competitor raises their hand or says “time” out-loud.

– The recorded time should be left on the stopwatch and shown to the head judge.

– Once the head judge has noted the time, then it is safe to reset the clock for the next competitor.

In latte art the timer can also assist in clearing the station after the performance has ended assisting the station maintenance is ensuring the station is clean and ready for the next competitor.

Station Maintenance:

This position should be managed by a person with experience working on espresso equipment. This position is responsible for cleaning and preparing the competition stations. These tasks will need to be done for all competition stations before the start of the competition and throughout the competition as each competitor finishes using a competition station.

Approach the station with all appropriate cleaning supplies: blind portafilter, clean knock box, counter brush, grinder brush, dustpan, clean bar towels and paper towels.

-Backflush each group head on the espresso machine with the blind portafilter (without cleaner).

-Remove inserts from portafilters and wash out thoroughly

-Dampen a clean bar towel with hot water and thoroughly wipe down the steam wands on the espresso machine & purge the steam wands.

-Wipe down the entire exterior of the espresso machine with the damp towel. Take special care in wiping the front side thoroughly. Use a dry towel to polish off the machine, if necessary.

-Replace the used knock box with the clean knock box.

-Check the water level of the water tank for espresso machine. Fill or replace if less than half full.

-Check the waste tank and empty if more than half full.

-Empty bin into appropriate recycling/composting/landfill places.

-Remove all cleaning items and leave the competition station very clean.

At no time should the station maintenance person remove or modify anything on any equipment. The station maintenance person should leave the stage area after preparing a competition station. After prepping each station, the station maintenance person should get a clean knock box and clean towels ready for the next station.


This position is responsible for tallying scoresheets. This position should be held by a person with no conflicts of interest (i.e. not affiliated with any competitor in the competition).

– Review scoring procedure with coordinator

– Tally scores carefully with a system of double-checking.

– Show complete discretion and avoid talking about scores with anyone. It is important that the person in this position never reveal any score information to anybody before the entire completion of the competition.


Capture images of the event as per run list, competitors, sponsors, judges, volunteers and general feel of the event.


– Works around the judges and competitors to get moving unrecorded vision of the performance.

– Is careful to not capture any scoresheet information.

– This is a physical role standing with heavy equipment.

Music Desk:

 – Controls the main switch board/AV desk as to music, microphone levels and the switcher from PPT to live camera feed for the main screen.

– Plays appropriate music during the event, this is also controlled by a DJ in some instances. The main focus being appropriate volumes and switching from view of latte art cups to PPT to video feed.

Social Media:

Assists in uploading images and information of the Championship throughout. Noting the Associations social media policy and not posting anything offensive. Endeavours to get a wide range of attendees and correctly tagged if they approve.

Head Volunteer:

 Oversees and assigns tasks to all volunteers.

Stage Manager:

This role often taken by the head volunteer.

– In charge of insuring the baristas are on time with carts ready on side of the stage 15 minutes prior to their set up time.

– Assists and overseas that the station maintenance is completed.

– Communicates with the barista prior to set up time that they are happy with the station set up.

Head Barista:

 – Overseas the barista station assisting in making coffee for the general public.

– Encourages and teaches newer baristas/volunteers to help and evolve their skills with different equipment and consumables.

– Is the public and hospitable face of the Championship.

– Maybe required to calibrate the judges

Calibration Barista: 

Assists in the calibration ofthe judges prior to the start of the championship. Must have relative skills to the championship. Past competitor etc, this position cannot be filled by a barista competing in the championship. Required the day before the championship.

– Do full presentations to the judges

The NZSCA and Event Manager would like to thank everyone involved in this prestigious Championship and acknowledge the sacrifice and commitment to the Barista craft. Our intention is that you gain valuable skills, help others and are inspired.  Many thanks also go to our Sponsors without whom, these events just wouldn’t happen.

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