General guide on use of the NZSCA logos

There are two versions of the main NZSCA logo which are the Association logo and the Member logo.

The ‘Est 2005’ logo is for use by the Association itself.

The official ‘member’ logo can be used to signify membership of the Association and is particularly useful for communications to clients, media or suppliers in the coffee industry.

Logos are available as jpegs or EPS files. If you require logos in a different file format, contact NZSCA.

The use of the NZSCA member logo is welcomed to current paid up members.

The Association’s logo is the established 2005 logo and is for use from the Association only. This logo should not be used by members on any marketing material.

NZSCA – NZ Roasted logo The NZSCA consumer-orientated logo 

The ‘consumer orientated’ logo is used by the primary membership to identify coffee as roasted in New Zealand. This logo is best used on retail coffee packaging, cups and merchandise.

The logo can be used:

– to differentiate New Zealand roasted coffee from imported roasted coffees.

– to give consumers a simple and recognizable logo mechanism that readily identifies locally roasted coffee.

– by any member that roasts their own branded coffee.

– by any member company that contract roasts for another company.

The logo is available as .jpg or .eps files and can be reversed out to be black on white or white on black.

Contact the NZSCA for access to the logo