Event/Host Requirements/Responsibilities Guide

Event/Host Requirements/Responsibilities Guide for Events

Planning, communication, and organization are the foundation of any successful event

This is intended to be an outline of host requirements/responsibilities that we recommend are considered prior to hosting an event. We appreciate your support and hope that this guideline supports you.

The NZ Specialty Coffee Community and Events platform is primarily run through a voluntary committee. We have a calendar of events that we produce throughout the year. These events are dependant and reliant on our member venues made available and hosts assisting in running the events. On occasion, these events are run by members of the committee but in areas that there are no committee members available to assist, we would like to make clear the responsibilities of the host/venue.

By agreeing to host a ‘Coffee Community Event’ the following may apply:

You must make your space available for the event and it must be suitable for the requirements of the event. For example; the event is a cupping: you must have cupping tables available etc. Set up can be varied dependant on the event chosen to host. Some events may take time to prepare prior to the event running, time must be allocated to this. As the Host yourself and at least one other member of staff are recommended to host and ensure the site is clean and tidy etc.

If it is an event we run regularly i.e. a throw-down a Coffee Community Events committee member can run over the expectations for the event. These are fairly easy and fun events to run, though require the details to be in place prior and an MC to call the evening and take charge.

If the event is a new event in the calendar; a committee member in charge of the event alongside Emma McDougall, the NZSCA Communication and Administration Coordinator will communicate the specific requirements as early as possible including checklists of equipment, volunteers and or workshop script when needed. Wherever possible this will be communicated in full at least 4 weeks prior to the event so all parties understand what is required prior to the event. The attendee list can be checked on at any time and the list of attendees will be sent through the night of the event.

We will attempt to give at least 3 weeks + notice before each event. The more time in advance the better. All events whether no charge or charge are to be booked through Eventbrite. This assists in planning and also helps cap numbers where an event cannot have more than a certain number of attendees (i.e. cuppings/tastings and due to space requirements)

Some events are charged events, the reason behind charging for the events is perceived value and also time and logistics in advertising and marketing the event. This also assists in tracking who is attending the event. If people arrive without a booking, we would ask if it is a charged event and space is still available that you welcome them, take funds and always the names of the attendees alongside their contact details; telephone number and email.