Cup Tasters volunteer positions

Emcee – Master of Ceremonies (1+) Brewers/Pourers (3-4) Runner/Time Keeper/Table Keeper (4-6) Scorekeeper (1) Social Media (1) Photographer (1)  Head Volunteer/Stage Manager (1)

General Rules for All Volunteers:

Volunteers are an important element to all championships. It is critical that volunteers adhere to these basic rules to avoid any conflicts during a competition:

– Volunteers should only be in the backstage or competition areas when scheduled to work.

– Volunteers are not allowed to touch or move any competitor’s belongings without permission from the competitor or from the coordinator/head volunteer.

– Volunteers cannot interfere with proceedings, modify equipment or distract competitors at any time during the competition.

– Volunteers must commit to being present for the entire time they are scheduled to work. No volunteer can leave or stop tasks without a replacement person to cover their position.

– Volunteers should always find a coordinator/head volunteer for any issues or questions.

– Volunteers are required to follow the venue health and safety policies at all times.

Emcee – Master of Ceremonies:

This position is responsible for announcing during the event. The emcee introduces each competitor in the competition. The goal of the emcee is to keep the audience informed about what is happening at the competition. Further detailed roles responsibilities are available.

Lead Brewer:

Sets all triangulations and calls the pouring to the brewers/pourers. Ensures and double checks all trays for volume levels and bubbles prior to leaving the pouring area.


Assists in brewing all coffees and pours coffee to instructions of lead brewer.

Runner/Time Keeper/Table Keeper:

The runners are in charge of one of the four stations/tables that the cuppers will compete on. They will we assigned a table from 1-4 and only take coffees & look after that table. They will take the coffees out to the table in order and place on the correct areas. Taking time to not lift the cups at any point too high to show the incorrect or odd cup.

Set up

– Stand quietly awaiting for a tray of coffees this will contain two sets high & low, the low set will be placed on the table in the lower area/number. Run four sets to the table, this should complete the set of eight and then stand at the end of the table awaiting the start of the competition

Start of Comp

– Stand in the competition area near the competitors table, for the entire competition time (competitors cupping)

– It will be the responsibility of this position to time each competitor’s 8 minute competition time period with a stopwatch.

– The emcee will tell the competitors when they start. Start your stopwatch (counting up from 0) right on cue! The stopwatch should not be stopped before the end of the competition.

– The competitor may ask for specific time warnings

– The competition time should stop when the competitor raises their hand or says “time” out-loud.

– The recorded time should be left on the stopwatch and shown to the scorekeeper.

– Once the scorekeeper has noted the time, then it is safe to reset the clock for the next competitor.

Competitors scores

Raise the yes/no cards in relation to wether the cupper correctly guessed the cup. Clearly show this to the scorekeeper, so they can then note on the main scoreboard.

Also assist in clearing the station/table after the performance has ended ensuring the station is clean and ready for the next competitor.



This position is responsible for noting scores.

– On a large whiteboard note the cuppers name and then note correct or incorrect with crosses or ticks. Note the total correct and collect the time from the runner as to each competitor

– Assist with the ranking


Capture images of the event as per run list, competitors, sponsors, judges, volunteers and general feel of the event.

Social Media:

Assists in uploading images and information of the Championship throughout. Noting the Associations social media policy and not posting anything offensive. Endeavours to get a wide range of attendees and correctly tagged if they approve.

Head Volunteer:

Oversees and assigns tasks to all volunteers. Assists in ensuring the main competition stage is running smoothly and on time and that everyone and everything is in place

The NZSCA and Event Manager would like to thank everyone involved in this prestigious Championship and acknowledge the sacrifice and commitment to the Barista craft. Our intention is that you gain valuable skills, help others and are inspired.  Many thanks also go to our Sponsors without whom, these events just wouldn’t happen.

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