Competitor Rules & Regulations NZ Barista Championship 2019


All competitors must have read and understood the rules. No exceptions apply for competitors who claim not to understand the Competitor Rules and Regulations. Competitors are encouraged to ask questions prior to arriving at the competition.

By filling in the entry form, you acknowledge that you understand and will follow all Rules and Regulations of the New Zealand Barista Championships.


To be eligible for entry to the Meadow Fresh New Zealand Barista Championship, a competitor must:

1. 1.1.3 Nationality
Competitors must hold a valid New Zealand passport or documentation substantiating 24 months of residency, employment or scholastic enrolment, some portion of which must have been within 12 months preceding the qualifying national competition. Competitors may only participate in one country per WBC Competition Year. A WBC Competition Year is defined as the time period between the completion of one year’s WBC Event and the completion of the next year’s WBC Event.

1.1.4 Multiple Passports
In case of multiple passports, the contestant must choose one country and qualify through this respective sanctioned national championship.

Some exceptions are allowed upon request & understanding and signing this agreement.

NZBC Champion Terms and Conditions

The winner of the NZBC Championship agrees that they will:

1. Be available to travel to Boston, USA to compete in the World Barista Championship 2019

2. Attend all World Barista Championship meetings and barista social events and be present at the debriefing

3. Recognise that the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association and the associated sponsors of the New Zealand Barista Championships will provide airfares, accommodation and travel insurance

4. Have enough of their own funds to cover the costs of food, internal travel and miscellaneous costs while in Boston

5. Allow the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association and associated sponsors of the Meadow Fresh New Zealand Barista Championships to use their name and image without charge for the purposes of promotion

6. Participate in associated media interviews, appearances, and functions and provide information for articles

7. Actively uphold the reputation of the New Zealand Barista Championships by promoting the New Zealand Barista Championships as the only pathway to the World Barista Championship and recognising the associated NZBC sponsors

All questions regarding the New Zealand Barista Championship should be directed to

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