Meet your 2016/17 Board Members

Meet your 2016 Board….

Karla Gichard
27May Low res-17
NZSCA President
NZSCA Executive committee
Ozone Coffee Roasters, New Zealand & London
+64 27449 0253|

Her fifth year on the Board, Karla is keen to actively contribute to and support the growth of specialty coffee through the her role as president, using her experience as co-owner and Chief Executive for Ozone Coffee Roasters in New Zealand and London.

David Burton
27May Low res-15
NZSCA Vice President
NZSCA Executive Committee
Jack’s Coffee, Auckland
+64 21759 241 |

David’s passion for the coffee industry of NZ has not waned in the 35+ years he has been involved.
Companies including Quality Packers, Ciro, Burton Hollis, Columbus, Bell Tea and Coffee and now Jack’s Coffee.
Brands include Old Mill, Tass, Burton Hollis, Gravity, Columbus, Burtons, Jeds, Jack’s and others.
Judges at regional, national and international Barista events, recently preferring to hide behind the mic.

Richard Corney
27May Low res-22
Please note: image not actually Richard
NZSCA 2nd Vice President
NZSCA Executive committee
Flight Coffee, Wellington
+64 27286 9968 |

Richard is looking forward to putting his knowledge and experience from roasting and being a WBC Certified judge into the NZSCA!

Chris Innes
27May Low res-13
NZSCA Executive committee
NZSCA Treasurer and Chair of Finance committee
Toasted Espresso
+64 9 966 6485 |

After 2 years of running a large format cafe, at the beginning of widespread ‘espresso’ culture in 1999 opened Chris’s interest to start up his own a coffee company. Chris’s vision for toasted espresso was to deliver a high level of service as well as offering quality coffee. This ethos of quality and experience managing the financials for his own business will translate well as Treasurer for the NZSCA.

Tom Handiside
27May Low res-8
NZSCA Board Member
Allied Member Representative
La Marzocco, Auckland
+64 21 236 7622 |

For ten years Tom has worked in hospitality, fine wines & sprits here in New Zealand, during this time coffee became an increasingly alluring industry and hence the last decade has been all about coffee.
Tom returned to NZ from an extended stint in the UK where he initially found himself based in Glasgow working for Espresso Warehouse, sourcing and selling products to the UK/European coffee trade. Then managing large wholesale Key Accounts in London, and latterly with Union Hand-Roasted Coffee the UK pioneers of ‘Direct Trade’ who sourced a diverse range of high quality coffees from around the world and promoted more meaningful returns to growers based on coffee quality. Fast forward to now, Tom manages La Marzocco, supporting and working with the best operators in New Zealand whilst challenging the status quo of coffee quality, bar design, equipment, coffee service throughout our connected coffee community.

David Green
27May Low res-7
NZSCA Board member
NZSCA Chair Events & Sponsorship committee
L’Affare, Wellington
+6427430 0387 |

David is an Account Manager and Barista Trainer with L’affare in Wellington. He’s have been working within the New Zealand coffee industry for 16 years. With the support of his wife and two children he has participated in the New Zealand Barista Championship and have been involved as a judge in the Championship since 2007. David was certified as a World Judge in 2011, and have judged at a number of World Events since. He has also been heavily involved in the professional development opportunities provided by the association – having completed both level one and level two barista certification, IDP and Specialized Instructor programs. Over the years David witnessed first-hand the development and evolution of our industry. David believes that the formulation of the NZCRA – Now NZSCA has been a key influence to this. The support and hosting of events, across all aspects (Competitions, Professional Development, and Community) has been key to this.

Sam Harvey
27May Low res-18
NZSCA Board member

NZSCA Chair Education
Atomic Coffee Roasters, Auckland
+64 2177 4813 |

Sam has extensive event and management experience both as General Manager at Atomic Coffee Roasters and overseas. He is also a NZBC technical judge, Sam is excited to combine this experience to add to the community of coffee in NZ.

Roz Cattell
27May Low res-19
NZSCA Board member
NZSCA Chair Membership

Santos Coffee, Auckland
+64 274 582 558 |

Roz is a Sales Manager at Beverage Services in Auckland – part of the Santos & Roma family owned by Aaron and Lance Wyatt.

Roz’s love of coffee and the industry began in 1994 under the guidance of Frances Hollis and Lance Wyatt and an ever so patient young David Burton who taught her his craft. Since then, she has worked for Douwe Egberts, Eden Coffee, Segafredo and now back with the Wyatt family – always in Sales, however, it is not unusual to find her behind the espresso machine or having a “geeky” conversation about a machine or your roaster!

René Macaulay
27May Low res-12
NZSCA Board member
Co Chair NZ Barista/Roaster Guild
Peoples Coffee, Wellington
+64 21105 2915 |

Rene started roasting at Peoples Coffee on a 5kg Probat in 2007, learning the old school way fuelled by double ristrettos. As is always the way, just as he thought he’d settled into his role something new spread across the horizon and changed the playing field as we knew it – that something was specialty coffee.

Since then Rene has been focused on developing his understanding of roasting & brewing to best meet and develop our growing market with a product and supply chain he is proud of.

Rene regularly travels to Origin to spend time with co-op management and experience life on the ground with coffee farmers. Always the goal of these trips is to best understand how to grow strategic, long term partnerships in a way which can be mutually beneficial and foster a better future.

Rene is passionate about change & problem solving and he’s only satisfied when he engages analytically to actually change or create reality.

From modifying machines to posturing politics; Rene lends his hand to it.”

Addison Dale
27May Low res-16

NZSCA Board member

Co Chair NZ Barista/Roaster Guild

Pure Café Co, Christchurch
+64 21540 274 |

Addison has worked in the coffee industry at various cafe’s & roasteries for the past 8 years. During this time Addison has competed in the New Zealand Barista Champs three times and in the New Zealand Latte Art Champs. He has also represented New Zealand on the World Stage at the World Barista Championships in Seattle 2015.


Jessica MacDonald
27May Low res-11
Community and Events Coordinator
+64 21338 118 |

Jessica has recently returned to NZ after being abroad for more than 12 years, during this time she lived in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and London. While in London she worked for a variety of companies from high end events to setting up roasting facilities.

While in London she was employed as production roaster at Square Mile Coffee Roasters. Here she worked in all areas of the company, constantly learning as it went from small startup to specialist roastery focused on supplying exceptional coffee to the burgeoning London coffee scene. Following her passion, she developed and settled into the role of Head Roaster and was in charge of all quality control.

During this time she was a member of the Cup of Excellence jury, as well as being involved in work with World Coffee Events, where she was a Chairperson of the WCE Rules and Regulations Sub Committee, a barista judge and barista coach. She also sat and passed the Q grader certification run by the Coffee Quality Institute.

Since being back she has enjoyed getting to know and understand the New Zealand coffee industry and how different and diverse it is.


Emma Markland Webster
27May Low res-21
NZSCA Event Manager

+64 21 415 810 |

Emma has 20 years experience in the NZ Coffee industry NZ’s first Barista champion. She holds the title of NZ’s highest ranked female Barista, she represented NZ in the year 2002 with a WBC ranking of 5th and is also a World Barista Championship Judge 2003 through to 2015 & WCE Rules and Regulations & National Support committee member, key organizer for the New Zealand coffee championships and NZSCA events.